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Marcus is a lonely man who decides to kill himself far from the city he lives, a harbor city that he has lived in his whole life. Drunk, destitute, and besides himself, he crashes his car into a dead tree standing just before a thick forest that occupies the side of a mountain. He attempts on his life with pills, and blacks out.


Upon waking and vomiting, his suicide a failure, his footing gets the best of him, causing the ground beneath to collapse, sending him careening down the cliffside further into the thicket. To his horror he realizes his landing is cushioned by a pile of bodies, and stumbles away from the sight, searching for a way back up, and comes upon an abandoned trainyard just inside the forest. He glimpses a man walking further in and decides to follow him. 


He soon discovers that the forest wanted him to succeed in his suicide, and the strange entities that inhabit it haunt him with images from his past. Slowly he learns the truth the forest holds within its dark corners.


'RUIN' plunges players into the tormented psyche of Marcus, a man grappling with the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt. Thrust into a surreal forest after his near-death experience, Marcus must navigate a world that blurs the line between reality and nightmare. As players control Marcus in this immersive first-person fear simulator, they are tasked with uncovering the dark narrative that led to his despair. The game's 11 intricately designed levels weave a haunting tapestry of stealth and survival, as nightmarish creatures born from Marcus's guilt and sorrow stalk his every move.

Employing the Unity 3D engine, "RUIN" offers a hauntingly beautiful first-person perspective with a core gameplay that hinges on stealth, although moments of intense combat offer a harrowing challenge. With an array of weapons at their disposal, players must decide whether to confront their demons or slip unseen through the shadows. The game's non-linear progression and rich storytelling are accentuated by hidden poems and writings, which players can discover to delve deeper into Marcus's tragic tale and the secrets of the forest.

The game's environment, from the abandoned trainyard to the cavernous abyss, is designed to challenge players' survival skills while enticing them to explore and piece together the puzzle of Marcus's life. With each step, they are drawn deeper into the game's intricate narrative, where every discovery propels them toward the ultimate realization that may either liberate Marcus from his torment or consume him entirely. "RUIN" is a journey through the darkest corners of the human soul, asking players not only to confront external horrors but also the shadows lurking within.

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